Microscope Image Gallery

Note:  If you are interested in contributing, contact us.

1.  Using a Nikon CoolPix 995 and an MS-Cool adapter.  by Mark Simmons
      mostly biological specimens but some chemicals under polarized light
2.  Bone Marrow smears stained with a modified Wright-Giemsa stain.
3.  Kenn Wingles images of insects. You won't believe the clarity and depth of field!

4.  Professor Winston Ingram images of insects. Microscopic images and artistically altered images.

5.  The common house fly!
6.  John Fernald ocean photos. These photos were captured in Molokai, Hawaii.
7.  Protozoan photos. These protozoan images were captured by Luke Milbocker.
8.  Diatoms Microscopy images captured by Professor Winston Imgram of Diatoms that are artistically altered.
9.  Pond Water Critters Microscopy images captured by Jeannette Lamb and her kids in Kilcoy, Queenstown, Australia
We would like to make this a super image gallery.  Submit your best images and we will put them here!
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