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Microscopes are scientific instruments used to see very tiny things.  There are two basic types:  Stereo and Compound.  Microscopes of the stereo variety are used to observe larger things and usually have both a top light for reflected light observations and a bottom light for transmitted light observations.  Generally they range in powers from 10X to about 80X.  Microscopes of the compound variety are used to look at the very tiny specimens.  Generally, they have a light under the specimen and therefore are used in transmitted light observations only.  This means that the specimen must be transparent or translucent for the image to be anything other than a silhouette (back lit).  Larger opaque specimens will block out the light entirely and therefore should be observed with stereos.  Find links below which list some of the related information.  If you are interested in purchasing microscopes, visit our recommended suppliers 

1.  Microscope Suppliers:  A list of companies that sell microscopes
2.  Information about Microscopes:  Presented at two levels, basic and advanced.  Includes a buyer's guide, parts and specifications, different types, glossary of terms and more advanced concepts like numerical aperture, field diameters, and measuring with metric units.
3.  Special Applications:  For gem enthusiasts to dog breeders, this area contains more specialized information.   It contains techniques and methods on a variety of disciplines.
4.  Activities with microscopes :  You have a microscope, now what can you do with it?  See a variety of activities and observations that can be done. 
5.  Imaging:  Imaging devices, tips and techniques and valuable information on imaging.
6.  Forums and Message Boards:  Communicate with others interested in microscopy.  It is a great way to find answers to your particular questions, meet new people and help others solve their problems.
7.  Links:  Some of the best resources on the net 


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