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1.  Microscope Info:  Presented at two levels, basic and advanced.  Includes a buyer's guide, parts and specifications of a microscope, types of microscopes, glossary of terms and more advanced concepts like numerical aperture, field diameters, and measuring with metric units.
2.  Special Applications:  For gem enthusiasts to dog breeders, this area contains more specialized information.   It contains techniques and methods on a variety of disciplines.
3.  Microscope Activities:  You have a microscope, now what can you do with it?  See a variety of activities and observations that can be done with a microscope. 
4.  Imaging:  Imaging devices, tips and techniques and valuable information on imaging with a microscope.
5.  Image Gallery:  If you have some images you would like to share with the world, this might be a great place to showcase your expertise!  This section is a subcategory of "imaging".
6.  Microscope Suppliers:  A list of companies that sell microscopes
7.  Microscope Forums and Message Boards:  Communicate with others interested in microscopy.  It is a great way to find answers to your particular questions, meet new people and help others solve their problems.
8.  Microscope Links:  Some of the best microscope resources on the net 


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