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Forums are a great place to learn about microscopes and share information with others.  Find below a list of forums and discussion groups to help you do this.

Note:  If you know of other groups, contact us.

1.  Yahoo "Microscope" Group  Forum description:  "This list brings together people who are interested in microscopy as a hobby or profession. Let's share tips on equipment, supplies, procedures. Topics might include collecting or culturing algae, protozoa, bacteria or other specimens. Although the emphasis is on light or optical microscopes, all technologies are welcome.  Photomicrography (silver-based or digital) discussions are encouraged." 
2.  Yahoo "Microscopes" Group   Forum description:  "Amateurs discuss technique, equipment, suppliers and material concerning light microscopes. Specimen collection, preparation and observation are included.  Professionals who are able to keep the specialized terminology to a minimum are welcome. The files area will be used for members photographs and equipment reviews."
3Yahoo "Amateur Microscope" Group   Forum description:  "Primary focus is WHAT you see under the microscope."
4MicrobeHunter.  Forum description:  "Microscopy magazine, blog and forum for amateur microscopists, teachers and students. " 
5.  Google News Group "Science - Techniques - Microscopy"  Participants post questions or comments which are answered or commented upon by others.  You can browse the entries and threads without being a member.
6Photomacrography   Photography through the microscope, Microscopy articles, forums for beginners.
7Mikro-Forum German mickroskopie forum.  
8.  Quekett Microscopical Club  UK based club for those interested in microscopy and microscopes.
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