Protozoan Images by Luke Milbocker

Luke Milbocker captured these images of protozoans using a microscope at 100x magnification. You can click on each image below to view a larger resolution image.


Genus Epistylis
Genus Euplotes

(possibly Brachinous Calyciflorus,
with 2 eggs).

Genus Vorticella
Rotifera Colony 40x
Rotifera Colony 100x
Rotifer 200x
These Rotifer at left were found in a pond in Massachusetts, USA
Rotifera, 40x
Rotifera, 100x
Rotifera, 200x
Peranema under microscope
Pyxicola Under Microscope
Difflugia under microscope
Eudorina Under Microscope
Pyxicola, 100x

Difflugia, 100x

Eudorina, 100x
Amoeba at 400x
Amoeba under microscope
Difflugia under Microscope
Arcella under microscope
Amoeba, 400x
Amoeba, 100x
Difflugia, 100x
Arcella, 100x
Closterum under microscope
Volvox at 100x
Volvox under microscope
Arcella under microscope 400x
Closterium, 100x
Volvox, 100x
Volvox, 400x
Arcella, 400x
Euplote Under Microscope
Euplote Under Microscope
Euplote, 100x
Euplote, 100x


Learn more about Actinophrys (small, heliozoan protists) here.

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