Artistic Microscopic Images: Diatoms

All images in this section are © Professor Winston Ingram. These images of diatoms were captured with a Nikon D5000 and some were artistically altered. Click on each image to view the larger, full-screen image.

Diatom under microscope

Ring shaped Diatom

Infinity shaped Diatom
Animal shaped Diatom
Axe shaped Diatom
Bag shaped Diatom
Baloon Animal 2 Diatom
Banana Diatom
Bird 2 Diaton
Bird 3 Diatom
Bird Head Diatom
Bird Heah 2 Diatom
Black Leaf Diatom
Blue Dagger Diatom
Boot Diatom
Box Diatom
Brain Diatom
Broken Brush Diatom
Brush Diatom
Brush 2 Diatom
Burnt Match Diatom
BW Flower Diatom
C Diatom
Cap Diatom
Cat Diatom
Circuit Board Diatom
Circluar Animal DIatom
Clapper Diatom
Coin Diatom
Cone Diatom
Cucumber Diatom
Dog Diatom
Dog on Bike Diatom
Dragon Diatom
Eye Diatom
Face Diatom
Face Behind Mask Diatom
Field Gun DIatom
Fish Diatom
Fish 2 Diatom
Flower Array Diatom
Flowers Diatom
Fossil Fish Diatom
Gate Diatom
Gate 2 Diatom
Gate 3 Diatom
Gold King Diatom
Grapefruit Diatom
Grate Diatom
Green Razor Diatom
Green Tube Diatom
Gun Diatom
Jumbo Jet Diatom
Large Diamond Ring Diatom
Leg of Lamb Diatom
Kneeling Man Diatom
Mans Profile
Mask Diatom
Mask 2 Diatom
Mat Diatom
Melon Diatom
Pear Diatom
Peg  Diatom
Pen Diatom
Pistol Diatom
Plane Diatom
Red Fence Diatom
Red Hook Diatom
Red Key Diatom
Ribs Diatom
Ring Diatom
Running Dog Diatom
Sea Horse Diatom
Shark Diatom
Shark Tooth Diatom
Shoe Diatom
Silver Snail Diatom
Slipper Diatom
Snail Diatom
Snowflake Diatom
Soc Diatom
Sponge Diatom
Spoon Diatom
Spring Diatom
Staff Diatom
Starfish Diatom
Step Diatom
Stone Circle Diatom
Submarine Diatom
Teeth Diatom
Toothbrush Diatom
Tree Diatom
Tweesers Diatom
Van Diatom
Veg Diatom
Walnut Diatom
Wood Eggs Diatom
Shoe Diatom
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